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The Secrets of Domain Name & Website Profits and Flipping – Step-by-Step Guide to Flipping Domains & Websites for HUGE Profits

I show how I flip domain names and websites for huge lumps of quick cash, how I park domain names and generate thousands of dollars with them before calling them into service as a website that will be established ready to build onto or ready to flip.

You won’t learn my techniques anywhere else, that I can assure you, being able to HARNESS mass amounts of FREE TRAFFIC has infinite possibilities; here is an example of how I generated $69,167.08 IN 7 MONTHS WITHOUT ADVERTISING! using my traffic harnessing techniques and a brandable domain name I turned into an E-Commerce site in about 30 minutes:

HOW ABOUT INSTANTLY CREATING A CYBER SECURITY COMMUNITY WITH ALMOST 70,000 Double Opt-in Subscribers in 3 Months? Subscribers that have agreed to let me e-mail them special offers and deals! 

You will get to see my exclusive formula for showing website value using variables and statistics that no other website appraisal service even considers. Using my appraisal formula you have a better chance negotiating the price you deserve!

Websites have a lot of hidden and potential value, the amount of opt-in users it has, social media hits, domain name authority, logos, content, inbound links, domain name proper value, domain name and website age, organic traffic and industry sector value are just a few of the variables I use to boost website value and sales price.

Fifteen years ago I sold my first website for $15,000 and I was laughing all the way to the bank not knowing I could have gotten $50,000+ for it, the buyer resold it within six months for over $80,000. This failure made me realize that websites have a lot of hidden value and if you don’t know them…

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